Gatorbeug - Artifacts Archive

Gatorbeug "Artifacts Archive"

On view April 19th - May 31st, 2017 at Mister Green Life Store, 4884 Fountain Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90029

Mister Green Life Store presents some archived artifacts and experiments from Gatorbeug Studio in Byron Bay, Australia in the form of gallery display. A range of slipcast ceramic bongs take a snapshot of consumer goods available from local stores around Australia and combines them with readily available materials over glazed earthenware. 




Gatorbeug is the stoner in Art class who turns seemingly impossible ideas into reality. Started by some stoner kids smoking bongs in the sand dunes on their school lunch break, they decided to turn the crumpled Gatorade bong in their chill spot into high art object and global phenomenon. Through rigourous manufacture, product testing and quality control, the Gatorbeug (Gator as in Gatorade + Beug as in Bugle - a coloquial Australian term for a bong) has evolved into both techinical scientific equipment and sculptural art object alike.