Ojalá - Monolith

Ojalá - Monolith


Carved and hand-finished black marble

Intended to live amongst the decor of your dwelling, the Monolithic Pipe was inspired by earthly landscapes and all of the structures that our civilization has left on it. It was born from a desire to have a comfortable and luxurious device from which to use after a hard day or night of work. Designed to hold your chosen plant in various orientations. And those offended by smoke will see nothing more than a small sculpture on its given surface. All marble is acquired through a stone yard belonging
to a group of sculptors. Each piece is carved and hand-finished with love by the Ojalá Family Collective in Southern California.

Designed by artist Brian Villanueva Mendez and made by Ojalá, a Family Collective consisting of the artist, his mother, artisan and herbalist Maga Villanueva, and his father, carpenter and stone carver Trino Mendez, et al

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