Mister Green Fall/Winter 2018

Our house line of apparel essentials and graphic driven souvenir-wear.

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Mister Green Fragrance No. 1

Hippie Shit is an eau de parfum inspired by the smell of burnt Palo Santo (bursera graveolens). Spanish for “holy wood,” palo santo is a wild tree native to Central and South America, whose wood is burned during ceremonies and shamanic rituals, as it is known to be spiritually purifying.

The fragrance, with notes of soft wood, neroli, musk, smoke, and leather, is produced in collaboration with Portland based apothecary Maak Lab.

Alterior & Mister Green

We worked with the talented Chreptyk Brothers of Vancouver B.C.-based leather studio Alterior Design to bring to life a 4-piece capsule collection of accessories and home goods, handmade from vegetable tanned Italian cowhide leather.

nature child_logo-03.jpg

Mister Green is proud to present Nature Child, a brand incepted from original “alumni,”
or more lovingly– extended members of our Mister Green family. “Smoke weed not flowers" – this is Nature Child:

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ISM is based in New York City and made at a state of the art facility based in Mexico. Each garment undergoes an extensive reactive dye treatment that produces unique results as it eats away at the screen printed graphics and yields an extremely soft vintage feeling fabric.


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